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Customer Writes:


I have a Sears water softener. Model 625.348590 It is leaking where the supply
side water inlet goes into the top valve body. Just drip drip drip all the time.
quite a bit of water. I believe I need to get part number 7082053 ( Valve Body
standard )
. That is the part in the Sears web site schematic. I need to check
something on that part though.

Looking at this image, the top left is the inlet and the bottom left is the outlet.
Inside the inlet, just behind the clip slot (about an inch in from the top left), there
is a little "step" that the mating part "butts" up against. On mine, one side of this
is smooth while the "step" goes about 3/4 of the way around. I think over 10 years
of hard water, the "step" on that side has "eroded" away. I believe that is where
the water seeps out since there is nothing for the mating part to butt up against on
that side.

Can you check and see that the parts your parts have the step molded into the inlet
side and that it goes all the way around the inside of the hole ?

If you look down the "throat" of the inlet, the circle on the left is what mine looks
like now. The circle on the right is how I think it should look. I think the water leaks
out where there is no step anymore.

Thanks for the detailed explanation and diagram.

* I checked the Valve Bodies we have in stock. They ALL are made the way you describe.
The inner portion of the Inlet has a "step" that only goes around 3/4 of the way. The Outlet
is 100%. And I noticed the larger version valve bodies ( 7171145 ) have NO "step".
I believe the KEY to not leaking is the O-ring ( 7170288 ) and the condition of the Plastic valve
body. They are regular plastic, so over time they can warp or crack.
We have been selling a lot of these every month. So, your problem is fairly common.

*** The things to check / try are:
1 ) Replace o-rings.
2 ) Be sure not to over lubricate.
3 ) Replace the Valve Body.
4 ) Be Sure the pipe connects are straight into the valve, and not pulling up, down, or to the side.
5 ) Lastly, the by pass or tube adapters could be the "weak link". Check for any signs of hairline cracks.