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Trouble Shooting Guide - North Star Animated Help

Product and Repair Animation Help

# 1 FAQ = High Water in Brine Tank - Problem -Softener does not remove the water from my salt tank or overflow

Brine Draw Failure in Sears, GE Smart Water, North Star Systems

Error Codes Sears, GE, NorthStar Timers

GE SmartWater Switch Activation Not in Sync with Cam Gear

My Valve appears to be operating but the Salt is Not Going Down. What could cause this problem?

Sears and GE Smartwater - Water Not Soft - Distributor Oring problem and solution

Sears Valve Body drips at INLET

Visual Guide - Installing Rotor Disc and Seal Kit Sears Type Valve

Why is new Venturi Nozzle Assembly wet and label coming off?

These parts fit in numerous water softener brands including: Whirlpool, Kenmore, EcoPure, GE, Morton, and NorthStar. Specific models listed below: Kenmore: 625.38350, 625.38300, 625.38620, 625.383060, 625.383560, 625.38300, 625.75116, 625.75126, 625.75112, 625.75113, 625.75114, 625.75122, 625.75132, 625.75222, 625.75117, 625.75115, 625.75125, 625.75127, 625.759, 625.349225, 625.38208, 625.75130, 625.75190, 625.75230, 625.75290, 625.7529, 625.75390, 625.75590, 625.38376, 625.38420, 625.38426, 625.38520, 625.75480, 625.75480 Whirlpool: WHES30, WHES33, WHELJ1, WHE-CWF, WHESLE, WHES20, WHES40, WHES42, WHES44, WHES48, WHESCS, WHESFC, WHESHC General Electric (GE): GXSF30V, GXSF40H, GXSF30H, GXSF18G, GNSH45E, GXMH31H, GXSH39E, GXSH40V, GXSH45V EcoPure: EP6225, EP6130, EP31, EP42, EPHY014, EP7130, EP7140, EPWHCW, EPHS, EP30, EP100, EP40, EP200, EP6230, EP27, EP34, TB-30, TB-15, EP6245, EP6260 Morton: M27 M30, MC30, M20, MCWF, M34, MSD39A, MSS20B, MSD20F, MSD34C, MSD30D, MSD27B, MSD45E NorthStar: NSC30UD1, NSC40UD1, NST45ED1, NST45UD1, NST70ED1, NST70UD1, NSR17CS, NSC25ED, NST30UD, NST30ED, NSC30UD, NSC15ED, NSWHCW. Miracle Water: MW-30, MW-40

Seal Kit Sears, GE, North Star 7129716, 7092163, 7134224, WS35X10005 Rotor Disc Sears, GE, NorthStar 7199232, 7103964, WS26X10002 Motor 24v Drive  7133008 , 7152298 , 7070462, 7285944, WS26X10011, WS26X10006
Motor Black Plastic 7286039 old PN 7234731 or 7228900 or 7228544 or 7252381 and manufacturer authorized substitution for 7250622 Motor Black DC PN 7286039 with Gear 3/4" 7373810 Motor Black DC PN 7286039 with Gear 1" 7373828
Gasket - 70 Duro Black - 7204362 7163663 7082582 WS08X10006 Silicone 1 Gram Tube Lubricant for O-rings Nozzle Venturi with Gasket - Sears, Kenmore, North Star
Nozzle Venturi with Gasket - 7187772, 7167887, WS08X10006