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Proprietary Water Systems are made by Culligan, Kinetico, Cuno, Water Boss, and included older models of Rainsoft ( pre- 2000 ).
Repair parts are only available from the authorized dealer of these "brands".

Media ( like Resin or Carbon ) can often by replaced easily ( we have them -see Media ), but if a part is worn out or broken on the valve, we can not provide parts.

However, since many system problems are simple clogs or loose fittings, the general service information we have in our "Knowledge Base" may be of benefit in some cases.

And if you are thinking about buying a proprietary "brand", remember you will pay more to purchase one, and generally pay more for repairs.
And realize you become "married" to your local authorized dealer, and if you decide to "divorce" them later, it will cost you the expense of buying a new ( non-proprietary ) system.

Most independent water treatment equipment dealers sell systems configured with Fleck, or Autotrol valves.
These types of systems will always have many sources for parts, and at competitive prices ( usually much lower than similar items on proprietary brands ).
They are sold under "brand" names that are typically "made up" by the local distributor and the valves are often not marked with the name of Fleck or Autotrol on them ( note: both of these companies have been in the business of making valves for over 50 years. ).

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Tank Adapter - ADAPTER-2.5 UN F X ACME M
Tank Adapter - ADAPTER-2.5 UN F X ACME M
Your Price: $78.95

Tank Adapter Bushing - ADAPTER-2.5" x 8 NPT Female X ACME Male threads

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