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Iron Filter with Green Sand Plus 1.5 cu.ft.

Iron Filter with Green Sand Plus 1.5 cu.ft.
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3/4" female threaded By Pass valve ( PN =60040SS )
1" female threaded By Pass valve ( PN =60041SS )

Fleck 5600 Valve on Tank Holding 1.5 cu.ft. of Green Sand Plus and 16 lbs. of Gravel treating water with either Iron ( up to 8 ppm ) and low level Hydrogen Sulfide Odor ( up to 2 ppm ) removal.

Automatic Regeneration for Well Water Iron and Odor

Basic system includes automatic control valve, mineral tank ( 10" d x 54" h ), One and 1/2 Cubic Foot of Green Sand Plus, a round poly feeder tank ( 5 gallon - CJ7181-03 - pictured in related products ), owners basic timer set up manual, and technical support phone number. You will need to pour in the provided gravel and Green Sand Plus with a funnel, then screw the control valve to the tank, then connect inlet, outlet, and drain line. Requires 5 gpm to properly Backwash ( usually once every 2 - 3 days ). Plug into an electric outlet and set time of day. Select to Backwash once every 2nd or 3rd day. And once a month add 1 pound of Potassium Permanganate ( not include ) to the Feeder Tank. Plumbing connections are 3/4" unless you ask for 1" ( no extra charge ). Five years parts warranty on Valve and Tanks. A Stainless Steel By Pass Included.

This system not recommended for Iron levels above 8 ppm or 2 ppm of Hydrogen Sulfide. Larger systems available. Please email for specifics ( include your water analysis results, please ). We will not sell this unit to you, until we are confident it will work on your water quality. If you have Higher levels of Iron or Hydrogen Sulfide, you would require a larger tank or other types of treatment equipment. Email us your water analysis results for recommendation.

The Green Sand Plus and Gravel media can be replaced inexpensively when the time comes that it is necessary ( 1 - 5 years typically ).

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