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How the common Water Filter systems connection 1/4" and 3/8" fittings are to be used, and how the Quick Connect fittings operate.

* IF the Fitting LEAKS, then you don't have it pushed in ALL THE WAY through the o-ring.
When installed correctly, the fitting will Not Leak, and you can NOT pull the tubing out ( without dis-engaging the locking ring / collar ).
Below show the tubing only 1/2 the way installed... you will feel "resistance" as the collar starts opening / grabbing the tubing,
but it's not going to SEAL unless you push in further ... Past / Through the O-ring.

Below shows the tubing ALL THE WAY into the fitting.. past the o-ring ( the critical seal that prevents leaking ).

Repair Kits for the Quick Connect can be found,
and 1/4" o-ring only,
and 1/4" Collet ( the locking collar ) only,

Another video ( not produced by Softenerparts.com ) can be seen here. It does show you more about the Quick Connect fittings Design, and some "TIPS" about using them that will be helpful, if you're not already familiar with their use.
If using lubricant ( as referenced in this video ), we recommend clear food grade silicone, but normally No Lubricant is Necessary.

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