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Customer Reviews of Free Online Videos for Water Softener Repairs Injectors For Autotrol Valves - 28F
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Autotrol Timer Set Up and Operation explained for the 440, 460TC, and Logix 740 Timer Assemblies. Injectors For Autotrol Valves w/Orings ( 26F & 27F ) included.
White AA = 1032970
Blue BB = 1032971
Red CC = 1032972
Green DD = 1030272
Manual for Fleck 1500/2500 Valve Manual for Fleck Model 5600 and 5600 Econominder Valve Manual for Autotrol 155 ( 1550-TC )
Manual for Fleck 1500/2500 Valve Service Manual for Fleck 5600 Control Valve.
Includes 12 day softener, Econominder softener, and Filter valve applications.
Complete Installation, parts diagrams, and trouble shooting.
Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual for the Series 155 ( which is the same as 1550-TC ). It is 16 pages. Copyright 10/1991.
Manual for Autotrol 255 Softener Test Kit Hydrogen Sulfide levels up to 2 ppm pn 481197-20 Video Autotrol  155 and 255 Valves
Manual for Autotrol 255 Softener with 440i Timer This kit contains the necessary materials to conduct 30 tests of the Hydrogen Sulfide levels ( up to 2 ppm )in well water. Common repair and maintenance for Autotrol 155 ( 1550-TC ) AND 255 Valve with 440 and 460 Controls is shown on this Video.
Now together on ONE DVD.
Video Fleck 5600 Service and Operation Training Video 9000 Valve Potassium Float Assembly, H7027-03
Potassium Float Assembly
Your Price: $42.95
Dealer Training video produced by manufacturer of the Fleck 5600 Valve.
Over 2 hours of Operation, Service, Maintenance, Setting, and Trouble Shooting information presented.
Fleck originally produced and sold this training as a Two VHS tape set.
These are no longer available, so we will be sending this video combined on one long play DVD.
Very Complete Training produced by Fleck.
Explains all features, how to set up, service and rebuild valve for the original Fleck 9000 valve with mechanical Econominder timer
( does not reference SE or SXT timers ).
And the basics would apply to the newer plastic version, Fleck 9100, as the power head, and valve body parts are 95% the same.
1 hour and 50 minutes DVD.
Original produced by Fleck as a VHS tape and we have copied ( and sell ) on DVD.
Replacement 3/8", 2 - 4 oz Float Assembly For Potassium Permanganate Feeders.
Also used in some systems using chlorine in the 5 gallon Feeder Tank.
Assembly included aircheck, float, and everything you see in the photo.
Test Kit Hydrogen Sulfide  levels up to 5 ppm pn 2537800 Tank - Feeder for Potassium or Chlorine Birm - Iron removal media
Birm - Iron removal media
Price Per Cu.Ft. $109.00
This kit contains the necessary materials to conduct 18 tests of the Hydrogen Sulfide levels ( up to 5 ppm )in well water. Complete Feeder Tank with Float Pickup Assembly.
2 oz Potassium Permanganate Feeder, Black.
One Cubic Foot Bag. Birm is used to remove dissolved iron and manganese.
Valve - Fleck 5600 12 Day Filter ( Greensand ) Carbon Filter  Whole House- 1 cu. ft.  IN and OUT Head
5600 12 Day timer for Filter Applications.
Commonly used on Tanks with Greensand media using Potassium Permanganate Feed systems.
Whole House Carbon Filter with 1 cu.ft. of Highly Activated Carbon ( 12 X 40 Mesh ) and 1" fpt In and Out Head connections.