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Piston Assembly 60102-00, 60102-10, 60102-20
What is the Difference?

Technical ( see page 8 and 16-19 in Fleck 5600 service manual );

The color of the Teflon coating of the piston may be Green or Gray or Black.
It's only the "top" end plug that is color coded to help identify any "difference" between the various versions.

60102-00 ( softener ) piston Backwash = 10 minutes & Rapid Rinse = 10 minutes

60102-10 ( filter ) piston
Backwash = 15 minutes & Rapid Rinse = 15 minutes.

60102-20 ( low water ) piston Backwash = 7 minutes & Rapid Rinse = 7 minutes.

*** The 5600 softeners use the 60102-00 piston ( white top, body could be green or gray Teflon coated ).
It will work in as a replacement for the black top filter piston ( PN 60102-10 ), but not "backwash" as long.
That is the only difference... the amount of time spent in the Backwash and Fast Rinse cycles.
And I've seen a lot of Carbon Filter Valves with the "softener" piston used.
In most applications ( like back washing carbon ) you really don't "need" the extra time.
It's more critical on filters that are back washing water high in iron, and using heavy media like Calcite, Birm, or MGS ( Green Sand ).

*** The 60102-20 "Low Water" piston should not be used unless you have No Iron, and No Sediment issues with the incoming water source.
Typically we see this type used on "city" water supplies, and mostly in California.
And in general, we do not recommend using this piston over the "standard" softener piston, 60102-00 for water softeners.
And there is NO KIT that includes the Low Water Piston, 60102-20, so it would be necessary to purchase separately ( also the Seals & Spacers, and Brine Valve Piston ), if you are rebuilding your valve with the Lower Water Piston

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