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Commercial Size systems REQUIRE "consultation" with our technical support team before system order can be placed.
If you need a large Commercial System, please email us all the information you have
about the water quality to be treated, and the flow rates required.
Then we can offer you a quote,
and we will most likely have additional questions for you, before we are able to Quote you a complete system.
One designed to meet your specific needs.

  • The Installer of any of our commercial / industrial systems, is completely responsible for insuring that all parts of the unit, required to successfully assemble and install the system, are received with the order, and that all parts are installed per typical installation procedures for that unit.
  • If there is a shortage of any part needed for successful assembly of the unit, the installer should contact immediately ( email or phone 888-828-7688 ) so the missing part can be located and sent out, for complete and proper assembly of the unit.
  • In addition, we assume no responsibility for the assembly and installation of these commercial systems, as the Installer of the unit is completely responsible, and should have the proper qualifications and knowledge to assemble, install and program the units, for proper operation.
  • A Fleck Service Manual is supplied with all orders, which fully explains the programming and operation of the Fleck valve and system.
  • If the installer is not clear on the programming or operation of the valve or system, and requires a more detailed explanation, we suggest the installer contact a local water treatment company, to arrange for an onsite visit, who can explain the programming and operation of their system, once the installation is complete. Any charges incurred for this onsite visit, will be the complete responsibility of the person making the appointment for this visit.
  • In Other Words, please do not purchase a commercial system, if you don't know what you are doing.
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    9000 with 1" Meter Softener Twin Tanks 64K each tank Fleck 2850 1-1/2" 12 Day timer Valve Water Softener 120K Grain Fleck 9500 1-1/2" Meter SXT Control Valve Softener 210K Grain
    Complete water softener system includes 2 cu.ft. of resins per tank ( 12" x 52" ). Each tank is 64,000 grains capacity ( total 128K system ).
    Fleck 9000 Econominder twin alternating control valve with cover and Optional 1" ported Meter ( not the 3/4" typically used with this and the 9100 Valves ).
    Comes with standard range 1" meter ( 0 - 5,00 gallons ), with extended range ( 0 - 25,000 gallons ) available upon request.
    Does NOT come with a By pass as there is NONE made to connect directly to the 1" meter.
    This is 1" meter is require for flow rates above 12 gpm, and is a light commercial or large residential application valve.
    Brine Tank with Safety Shut included ( round 18 x 33, with 18 x 40 available upon request ).
    Fleck 2850 1-1/2" I.D. Distributor, Inlet and Outlet piping using 3200 Timer Assembly ( 12 day single unit ) Control Valve Water Softener with maximum 120,000 Grain Capacity (shipping included for 48 States of US )
    Rated for 20 gpm with 15 psi pressure drop and 35 gpm 25 gpm psi pressure drop service flow rates.
    16 x 65 tank with distributor pipe
    24 x 41 brine tank ( holds 700 lbs. ) with 1/2" brine pickup
    4.0 cubic feet of high capacity resin
    75 lbs 1/4" x 1/8" gravel support bed
    Fleck 9500 1-1/2" I.D. Distributor, Inlet and Outlet piping using SXT Metered Electronic Control Valve Water Softener with maximum 210,000 Grain Capacity (shipping included for 48 States of US )
    Fleck 3900 3" Backwash Carbon Filter 36 x 72 Tank 20 Cu Ft
    Fleck 3900 Valve - 3" Backwash Only, on 36" x 72" x 6" flanged Tank, with carbon and gravel included (shipping included for 48 States of US )
    The 3900 Valve is modified for Backwashing with water only, and uses single tank mechanical 12 day timer.
    Rated for 70 gpm with 15 psi pressure drop and 100 gpm 25 gpm psi pressure drop service flow rates.