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Customer Writes:

I noticed that the new Injector drain assembly that I got from you guys has a smaller number that the one I have - the one that connects to the brine tank is wrong- the new one is 0.25 GPM and 0.75 LB salt/min my old one is 0.5 GPM and 1.5LB salt/min. What would be the difference with the 2 assembly. And is it going to affect the operation of the device? What can we do to fix this issue?

** There are 3 different BLFC ( brine line flow control ) BUTTONS used ( 0.25 gpm, 0.50 gpm. and 1.0 gpm ).
Each "matches" the Label ( lbs. of salt ) on the Brine Cam Gear.
See photos below.

Also there is usually a colored Label near the Brine Valve ( 0.25 gpm = Blue, 0.50 gpm = Black, 1.00 gpm = Red )
Example of the Black 0.50 gpm label =
BLFC Label - Black 0.50 gpm
We ( and most companies ) use the 0.25 gpm BLFC ( and matching Brine Cam Gear, 3 - 18 lbs., PN 60514 ), and if you have ( had ) the 0.50 gpm BLFC, it REFILLS the brine tank TWICE as fast as the 0.25 gpm.
So, the new 0.25 gpm BLFC is refilling slower ( 1/2 as fast ) and this would mean you need to "Double" the setting on your Brine Cam Gear ( yours is mark 6 - 36 lbs., PN 60514-01 ) to get the same amount of water added to the salt tank during Brine Refill. For Example: If Brine Cam Gear setting is lined up with 6 lbs. now, you'd move to 12 lbs. to get the same amount of water as before.
you can change the BLFC button ( pull out the new 0.25 gpm BLFC and re-use your old 0.50 gpm BLFC in place of it ).

BLFC button location Fleck 5600 9000 9100

NOTE: BLFC buttons can be Black or Blue in color.

you can replace the Brine Cam Gear with the "matching" gear ( note.. it's only the Label that is different between Brine cam gears.. not the gear it's self ).
and yours now should be this one,
and this button,

***** My recommendation is to switch out the Buttons ( re-use 0.50 gpm ),
or re-set the Brine Cam Gear salt setting ( double ).

For an instructional Video about manually advancing the front control knob through the Cycles of Regeneration,
See the video listed below this product ( 12 day power head ) for a better understanding of operation,
Fleck 5600 12 Day Cycles and Setting

Fleck models 9000, or 9100 can be "adjusted" for using a different size ( flow rate ) of BLFC by changing the amount of time ( minutes ) used during the Brine Refill Cycle on the timer program wheel.
Just move the last 2 PINS to increase the number of open "holes" for a longer refill ( if installing a 0.25 gpm on a system previously using 0.50 gpm or 1.0 gpm BLFC flow button ).
Or re-using your old BLFC is the other option.

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