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Best place to start is the un-programmed state:

Press and hold "set" ( square ) and "down" ( arrow ) buttons together for 5 seconds.

* This is when you might see the 1.00 on screen, so    

Next  press and hold "set" ( square ) button for 5 seconds.

You will now see three flashing lines: ---

* First Step is Valve type, Your Logix Timer is installed on,
IF ( and only IF ) the control board is 742 or 762.

If program the 740 or 760 board, 
it will NOT ask you for Valve Model ( type ) to be input.
So, you won't see that "step" when moving through the programming options.

Use the arrows to choose ( select ) the letter "F" if used on Backwash Only Valve, 
otherwise ( if water softener ) 
you will be setting the Resin Capacity of your Water Softener.

Step Two: Resin capacity.

0.75 for 24K ( 3/4 cu.ft. ) - most 8" diameter tanks
1.0 for 32K ( 1 cu.ft. ) - most 9" diameter tanks
1.25 for 40K ( 1.25 cu.ft.) - most 10" x 44" tanks
1.50 for 48K ( 1.50 cu.ft. ) - all 10" x 54" tanks
2.0 for 64K ( 2 cu.ft.) - most 12" diameter tanks
2.5 for 80K ( 2.5 cu.ft. ) - most 13" diameter tanks
3.0 for 96K ( 3 cu.ft. ) - 14" x 65" tanks

Press the set ( square ) button to accept.

A. Time of day will be displayed.

1. Press the set ( square ) button to make it flash.
2. Use arrows ( down or up ) to set correct time ( note PM is indicated, and no indication is AM ).
3. Press the set ( square ) button to accept.

B. Set day of week. Repeat steps 1,2, and 3 above.

C. Set time of regeneration ( typical 2:00 a.m. is used ). Repeat steps 1,2, and 3 above.

D. Set calendar override (for demand units like 760 or 762 ) 
Days to regenerate (for timer units like 740 or 742).
 Repeat steps 1,2, and 3 above, using SET, Arrows, SET

NOTE: On demand units will normally be set to “0”.

E. Set salt dosage. Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 above, using SET, Arrows, SET

NOTE: You have “L” for low, “S” for standard, and “H” for high.

And when in "F" ( filter, backwash ),
if you see Salt = 14 minutes, hit SET ( square ) until the number starts flashing,
and then use Arrows to adjust --- But for most applications --- 14 minutes ( which is referencing amount of time to backwash -- nothing to do with "salt",
would be a good / correct amount of time ( setting ) to use for the Backwash cycle ( again it's not about "salt" when in the "F" mode ).
This Default of 14 minutes is recommended.

In the manual you'll find"Step 6A: Filter backwash time (740F only)",
notes that 14 minutes will be displayed
and to "select the appropriate backwash time fo the media type and amount used".

** For SALT Setting ---- you'll see L, S, and H for 740 and 760 boards when programming for Softener application,
Standard "S" is the most efficient.
Low "L" should only be used on water with NO iron, and hardness of 12 grains or less.
High "H" should be used when the hardness of the water is above 24 grains or Iron above 2 ppm.

NOTE: If programming the Logix 742, and 762 it should be 9 lbs. per cu.ft. as standard.
You won't see L,S, or H.
INSTEAD: Use a "low" end setting of 6 lbs. per cu.ft.,
Or 9 lbs. per cu.ft. for standard / average hardness and low iron,
Or 12 lbs. per cu.ft. for water that is high hardness ( over 25 grains ) or lots of iron ( 2 ppm or more ) in the water.

F. Set estimated capacity. * Do Not Set - * Do Not Change

NOTE: Estimated capacity is calculated by the unit. You do not want to change this value.

G. For Logix 760, 762 ( but not 740, 742 ) Set hardness level of your water ( Number of GRAINS Hardness - Adding 3 for each 1 ppm of Iron in water ). Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 above.
This Video guide to Programming the 760 Logix ( metered version ) on our Youtube Channel = https://youtu.be/ITZ2jmK2qtE

The unit will now display the time.

**** When Done ( SETTING ), you will see the Time of Day.

If using the Logix board 760 ( metered / demand ) 
the screen will ALTERNATE 
from Capacity and Time of Day.
Reference video Logix 760: https://youtu.be/epljZD9SaA4?t=134

If using the Metered 762 Logix board it will ALTERNATE between remaining gallons capacity ( as it is counted down - used up ) 
and the Flow of water going to the house ( "0" is no water is being used ).
Reference video Logix 762 : https://youtu.be/2k34Vixvs8k?t=221

To put in Manual Regeneration

For preset time to regenerate: Press and release manual regeneration button.

For immediate regeneration: Press and hold manual regeneration button for 5 seconds.

The GE Osmonic Autotrol Valves 255 and 268 have been available with the Logix electronic controls for several years now ( 740 and 760, or 742 and 762 ). This 1 minute video shows how to start a manual regeneration for tonight or immediate start.
To Initiate a Manual Regeneration:

Press REGEN once for delayed regeneration.

System will regenerate at next set regen time (2:00 AM).
(This delayed regeneration will be the initial regeneration of a NEW 3-Day (nightly) running schedule).A flashing regen (recycle) symbol will be displayed.

Press and hold REGEN for 5 seconds to initiate immediate manual regeneration. (This will be an 'extra' REGEN with no effect on the current 3-Day (nightly) running schedule).
A solid regen symbol will be displayed.

After immediate regeneration has begun, press REGEN again to initiate a second manual regeneration. An X2 symbol will be displayed, indicating a second regeneration will follow the first regeneration.

CLICK HERE FOR - 740 AND 760 PROGRAMING STEPS as shown in the Owner's Manual

You can Download a complete 740 / 760 Logix service manual from the manufacturer:
Autotrol Logix 740/760 Manual

Watch the Programming Steps to see how simple it is.

For 740F ( Filter Backwash only ), Watch the video BELOW -

**** Additional NOTE if you see ERROR 3 on the screen,
If you have the Logix 742 / 762 controller, it will "Normally" be set up for the Valve Type it's attached to, but should you get a replacement Logix controller, or the Logix control is generating an Error 3 code after running the first cycle ( C1 ), then you may need to
"Select Valve Type" step.
There are options ( different Valve Types ) you have to select from ( Your Valve Body type is marked on the silver ID sticker on the back or side of the valve body ).

255 = 255, conditioner ( water softener ).
263 = Performa filter 263, filter backwash
268 = Performa conditioner 268, ( water softener )
Also, less common Valve Types, 268FA, 273, 278, 293, 298

It's Critical that it matches your valve body type, if you are using the Logix 742 or 762 controller.

What to do if you are getting an Err 3 on 740,742,760, or 762 Logix Timer

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