How to adjust the 3200 timer pins to set the Brine Refill time

Pull on the timer from the left hand side,
and it will pop open for you to see the back side.

 3200 timer program wheel pins

Note the PINS are very tight, and you'll need pliers if you need to move the last 2 pins to change the amount of REFILL time ( more or less open holes ).

Every OPEN pin hole will equal ONE Gallon of refill ( 2 minutes at 0.50 gpm ), 
so you only need THREE open pin positions for an average 1 cu.ft. softener ( 9 x 48  tank, 32,000 grains resin).
Timer will refill for 6 minutes and 3 gallons of water will be added if  your BLFC is 0.50 gpm ( most common ).

And you can adjust by pulling the 2 end pins to move to shorten the time ( decrease the open positions ) to only 6 minutes ( 3 holes ), 
or increase the number of "holes" if you need longer refill time.
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