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440iHV, 460TC, 460i Timer Assembly WARRANTY Policy of
Full warranty policy for the 440iHV, 460TC, and 460i timer assemblies. 90 days free exchange warranty We ship you a replacement (and pay postage to you) Then you return the defective one in same bo
440 Timer Rebuilding / Repair / fix Guide
An obvious problem that can occur is for the timer motor to fail. The motors turn at 1 rpm, so it is quite easy to tell if it is turning. A more common problem is for one or more of the drive gears t
740 and 760 Logix Timer Programming Instructions
Best place to start is the un-programmed state: Press and hold "set" ( square ) and "down" ( arrow ) buttons together for 5 seconds. Then press and hold "set" ( square ) button for 5 seconds. You will
Fleck 5600 parts rebuild with or without replacing the Timer Motor
Customer Comment: Your parts rebuild kit should also contain one, 1/30th timer motor. When the piston gets stuck in the seals or is very hard to drive thru regeneration, the timer motor's internal
New Timer Motor 18743 kicks the unit into 'REGEN', but that's as far as it will go.
If you install a new Fleck 5600 motor timer and it does keep the time o.k. and even kicks the unit into 'REGEN', but that's as far as it will go, THEN: * It is possible you have dropped the cu
Performa Valves Keep Breaking 440i Timers - Solution is...
* PROBLEM: We have dual tanks for well water with 268/440i controllers. One is for an iron filter, the other a brine tank. We are running into a situation where timers have been destroyed because the
460i Timer RESET if it is Regenerating EVERY NIGHT
TOTAL 460 TIMER PROGRAM RESET  1. Record your Hardness and Capacity settings 2. Disconnect power 3. Jumper both pins 'A' and 'B'  4. Reconnect power for at least 10 seconds 5. Disc
440 or 440i - Which Timer Assembly Do I Have - How to Tell
How can I determine which timer assembly I have, 440 or 440i ? * Look at the following photo, and diagrams. 440 on Left with face plate that is held on by 3 screws, Next to it is the 440i w
Err 3 on 740,742,760, or 762 Logix Timer
Question: I have an Autotrol 760 water softener that is displaying an ERR 3 . My manual said the most common problem is the optical sensor, so I ordered one from you, but it failed to fix the problem.
940 and 960 Timer Obsolete - Replacement Options when used on 255 Valve
QUESTION: I have a Autotrol 255/960 water softener and the 960 timer has stopped working lights up all led's when initially powered on then goes completely dark. Is there a replacement timer a
460TC or Logix 740 - Which Timer Replacement is Best?
Hello. I am helping my father purchase an Autotrol 255 Valve Module and I noticed that there are two option I can choose from. There is one that comes with the 460TC timer and one that comes wit
440 Upgrade to 760 metered demand Logix Timer - How?
There is now a Conversion "kit" for the metered Logix Valves. Metered Control Upgrade for the Autotrol 255 / 460i is this 760 Logix Kit ( AP1255006 ) with Indoor ( open face ) Cover as shown, unle
Calender Over Ride setting for 760 and 762 Logix Timer Programming
Customer Asks: I am not sure what is meant by "set calendar override" in step 5a? Could you please let me know what it means. The "over ride" number would be how many days before the timer wou
460TC Timer Off Set When Multiple Valves Used
When two valves are controlled by the 460TC timers, and you need them to run on different nights, You can: To "off set" the digital timer, you can leave one unplugged for 1 day. Have them SET to
NovRam, 460i and 460TC timers - What is the difference?
Older versions = NovRam 460 Mid 1990s, replaced by 460i with separate transformer and the 460i design was used in 2011 to create the 460TC as a non-metered "Day" timer replacement for the mec
Autotrol 155 with 440 Upgrade to 740 Day timer or 760 metered demand Logix Timer - How?
The Logix Upgrade Kits ( 740 or 760 ) are not meant to be used on the older Autotrol 155 ( 1550-TC ) Valve Bodies, but can be if you are willing to do some cutting of the new Logix Top Plate that mus
Fleck 3200 timer problems - if "stalling" or not "advancing".
CUSTOMER PROBLEM: I have replaced the Main Piston and Seals Kit, but valve keeps hanging up on backwash. I need parts for Model 2500 as shown on the Fleck parts on your site The problem is the cycle
Error Codes Sears, GE, NorthStar Timers
*** Error Code 01, 02, 03 or 04 can be the SWITCH , the wiring connection to the switch and back of circuit board, OR it could be a weak motor OR it could be "drag" on the motor because the Rotor Disc
Gears, Housing, Motor Inside the 460i and 460TC timers - What is the difference?
Internal view of the 460i and 460TC with circuit board removed. There are 2 smaller drive gears.The one closest to the motor gear is this one, see AP420A43: http://www.s
Fleck 5600 Replacement Timer Motor - Life Expectancy
Customer Question: What is the average life of this timer motor? My first one lasted over 10 years, but I've gone through 2 motors in less than 5 years, and I might need another one. Why would that b